Leadership and Management

We have designed and delivered a Leadership and Management programme at Level 3, Accredited through the Institute of Leadership and Management for a global provider of outsourcing solutions and service oriented distribution. A growing and successful Group with operations in the Americas, Europe and Australasia they supply internationally sourced products that are essential for their customers to operate their businesses. The operations span across 29 countries and 4 continents.

The programme is designed to give existing and aspiring team leaders and first line managers the necessary tools to carry out their roles more effectively. The learners all bring a good level of experience with the Company and many have risen from the shop floor and have been identified as having real potential despite a lack of formal training. This programme gives them a real understanding of how to build and develop high performing teams, manage and prioritise work, solve complex problems and make decisions. They also identify and make recommendations for improving or introducing a significant work related issue or initiative. In the nine years this programme has been running the company has grown its share value year on year and have recognized the significant impact it has had on their effectiveness.

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A Large Aviation Engineering Company