Leadership Courses 2015

We had some really lovely reviews last year about our Leadership courses. We thought we would share three of our favourites.

I must admit that while happy to of finished the assignment, I’m a little on the sad side now its all come to an end. I will look back extremely fondly on the course, mostly due to the teaching style and learning environment you provided. I have found the course really fascinating for the most part and am keen to progress further in the field.

Mark Hughes – Bunzl Sales Office Manager

I just want to send my sincere appreciation to you, You have taught me lessons and values that I will take through life within your sessions. You have inspired me and when I have my own salon I will owe you a hair cut ☺ I truly believe that anyone you teach will benefit greatly from knowing you. I actually feel really sad knowing this is my final assignment completed Thanks For Everything

Keeley Customer Services Supervisor

During the last number of years I have attended various courses within many forms of industries. I spent 19 years employed as a Police Officer, so you can imagine what that involved. Quite simply, the Management Trainee Programme is the best that I have been on. All aspects of the course were relevant to the subject of Leadership and Management. Just to give you an example. I previously worked at a dairy business where I was employed as a Regional Sales Manager. I was promoted from the sales team where I worked as a representative. I was a member of that team on the Friday. And managing the team on a Monday. I did not receive any training whatsoever. And certainly did not attend a course such as this. So it was actually great to see that I did do everything correctly there! After now completing this course. I have gained so much from attending and have already spoken to two colleagues this morning and spoke of its merits. 

As for the course leader, Andy Smith, well, where do I start! Andy made the course so enjoyable and there was a lot of fun involved. Which always assists in a learning environment. I spoke with Andy about the course on Thursday. I was amazed that Andy does not receive any profiles on the candidates, prior to the start of the course, just the names. In just a few days of session 1, Andy clearly identified our learning styles and was able to encourage and motivate us accordingly throughout the 9 months. He had the uncanny knack of knowing when the whole class at reached “melt down” and introduced appropriate breaks. Andy encouraged us to resolve any questions within our environment. Which proves what a good coach he is. Andy was exceptional and totally respected by my other colleagues. By the end, we would have run through a brick wall for him. But knowing Andy, he would have probably knocked out the foundations first for us.

Thank you for my opportunity in attending this course.

Many thanks,
Mark Hopkins

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