Team Building

A large Aviation Engineering Company wanted to introduce the concept of Teaming into the business in order to build a culture of empowerment and self facilitated production teams. Having fully understood their ethos and approach i2i designed a programme that minimised disruption to production and maximised engagement. Taking each production team in turn we delivered the training over a year rolling it out to over 800 people. Initially skeptical the delegates soon discovered hidden skills and talent among their colleagues, recognising the power of real empowerment and relished the prospect of making decisions between them without having to refer to higher management. This quickly freed up the levels of management to be more strategic in their focus and allowed the day-to-day operational load to be devolved down tot eh production teams.

Our approach was to build confidence and trust in the delegates, tap in to their wealth of skills and experience and to show them the power in working to their strengths as they built their high performance teams.

Skeptics became advocates and Champions as they found new more effective ways of planning and organising their work.

We also supported and rolled out a level of training to the support functions of the business so that they might understand the principles of teaming and also how the new systems and approaches to work might impact their support function.

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A Large Aviation Engineering Company