Typical Bespoke Development Programme

Working with an SME who were looking to grow their business, we have designed and delivered an Emerging Leaders Development programme taking people from within the workforce who have been recognised as having the potential for development as Managers in their own right. These new or existing managers had been promoted into their role either because of their track record with the company or as newly recruited managers all of who had received no formal Management or Leadership training. 

Through a modular programme and working in Action Learning sets they embarked on a year long learning and development programme centred around Coaching and Mentoring that also included the foundation skills of leadership, communication and planning and organising work. In their Action Learning sets they were able to work on real time business issues or initiatives that have made a significant contribution to building the business in terms of efficiency, generating savings, improving morale and helping the business to grow and improve. Delegates completed an ILM Level 3 Certificate in Coaching reporting a new found desire to learn and develop themselves and their colleagues.

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Case Study

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