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As a provider of unique Organisational Learning and Development solutions we like to think that our approach is the difference that makes the difference, That is why we take time to understand your business, identify your needs and make some recommendations on how to achieve the outcomes you need in the most beneficial manner, that doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest solution but it does mean the best for your business and that the return on that investment is realised quickly.

The process from initial consultation to delivery and evaluation of the L&D solution is simple yet truly empowering for all involved.

Initial consultation

We take great care to ensure that we understand your company fully; your Values and Mission, your ethos and your people are important and we want to make sure that we build rapport quickly with you. Being able to identify the need is key to ensure that we don’t just address a symptom but that we identify the root, the reason you have come to us for an LD solution.

Decide and agree outcomes

Once we are comfortable that we understand your journey plan and the real need then we can identify what you want to be different! All great journeys start with identifying the destination. Many organisations identify a training need to move away from where they are now, from where they don’t want to be. The power in our approach is to celebrate where we have been and bring the best of that forward as we help you move towards your goal. The design of the L&D solution then falls out of a well constructed vision for the future.

Deliver the Solution

The delivery of the solution is where the rubber hits the road and where your people become empowered and motivated due to the investment the organization has made in them. Bringing them on board early is key to the success of any programme; to minimise disruption to the business and ensure total commitment. The delivery can involve Practical Experiential Learning, an Academic qualification based solution all of which can involve a mix of face to face, online or blended learning. Once the L&D is delivered, it allows them to transfer their learning back in tot the business quickly and effectively.

Evaluate the effectiveness

Post the delivery then we want to understand how effective it has been. We don’t just leave you and walk away but offer a level of support that ensures a real return on your investment, helping you deploy and encourage the new found skills and knowledge gained to maximum the leverage on the business.

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