Change Management

With the business environment experiencing so much change, organisations must then learn to become comfortable with change as well. Therefore, the ability to manage and adapt to organisational change is an essential ability required in the workplace today. Yet, major and rapid organizational change is profoundly difficult because the structure, culture, and routines of organizations often reflect a persistent and difficult-to-remove "imprint" of past periods, which are resistant to radical change even as the current environment of the organization changes rapidly.

Integration & navigation

Now, managers almost exclusively focus on the structural and technical components of change. Alignment and integration between strategic, social, and technical components requires collaboration between people with different skill-sets.

Managing change over time, referred to as navigation, requires continuous adaptation. It requires managing projects over time against a changing context, from inter-organisational factors to marketplace volatility. It also requires a balance in bureaucratic organizations between top-down and bottom-up management, ensuring employee empowerment and flexibility...

At i2i we understand this and are able to help you look at change holistically integrating all the different aspects of your organisation and designing a change management programme to smoothly achieve your objectives.

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