ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching

i2i Development Solutions and A Mind 4 Adventure have some great news! They are now able to deliver the very prestigious Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7 Certificate and Diploma in Executive Coaching.

The ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching aims to develop coaches working at the most senior levels within organisations, coaching leaders within Executive and Director positions or with strategic responsibility. Our programme examines a wide range of skills and abilities in preparing participants to take on the role of an Executive Coach.

This course can be taken

  • As a standalone programme


  • as part of your NLP journey and can be studied for alongside NLP Master Coach

Level 7 Philosophy

The Level 7 Philosophy is that this is an amazing Executive Coaching programme that is aimed at the acquisition of mastery and advanced skills and behaviours implicit in being an executive coach cannot be developed at a single event.

We believe that the opportunity to apply the skills in the real world – to review, learn and adapt – are essential to successful implementation of skills building programmes if they are to be sustained and fully embedded within the working patterns and identity of our participants.

It is for this reason that our programme emphasises the need for coaching practise and include a strong focus on experiential learning and feedback.

Key elements

  • Each participant will be personally supported throughout the programme.
  • Coaching skills at an ILM level 5 or equivalent experience if a coaching qualification is not held will be required.
  • Coaching using more of an intuitive approach rather than a structured engineered approach is key to the acquisition of Mastery as a coach.
  • Coaching Practice: throughout the programme, participants are expected to identify and formally coach a set number of coachees away from the workshops. Level 7 requires you to evidence 20 hours of coaching practice.
  • Co-Supervision / Buddies. After the first workshop we ask participants to form buddy relationships.  This has two key purposes. Firstly, it creates a working relationship where a colleague can share their coaching experiences, develop and play with ideas and concepts, practice key coaching tools and problem solve.  Secondly, as part of the course participants are introduced to a simple supervision model which the buddy pairings then use formally to review their coaching practice with their practice clients. It is our experience that this enables participants to deepen their knowledge of applied learning and helps to introduce the value of supervision.
  • Participants are required to use a “Reflective Learning Log” throughout the duration of the programme, which includes a variety of forms used to aid their learning, including self evaluation and feedback forms and coaching session reports, together with details of additional learning requirements. For ILM Level 7 certification they are required to produce three written.

Case Study

Leadership Courses

Case Study

Team Development


A Large Aviation Engineering Company