The ability to lead we believe is within all of us. Our programmes are designed to discover latent ability, develop skills and inspire individuals to action. Action is a dynamic word that implies movement – your business will only move forward if people feel that they are empowered, equipped and encouraged at all levels to take action to change situations for the better.

i2i leaders do just that – they give direction through example, generating an expectation and an enthusiasm in their teams that can transform the ordinary and create extraordinary results. Leadership is about seeing the need for action and taking responsibility for change, no matter what level in the business a person may be, and being given the necessary support to see it through.

i2i will provide a practical experiential environment where leaders can hone existing skills and develop new ones – all in a safe controlled environment that encourages reflection and change through continuous improvement.

We are able to expose our delegates to the very latest thinking in leadership, honed and earthed through our experience as Senior Leaders in the Armed Forces giving us the ability to relate all your learning back into your business.

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Case Study

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A Large Aviation Engineering Company