The NLP Journey

All our courses are certified under the banner of AMind4Adventure

The path learning pathway through to Master Practitioner is straightforward and we offer a fully supported service for learners to go as far as they want to and the first step is Diploma. However, depending on their previous experience levels and qualifications one can enter the process at any level. All courses are accredited through the ANLP and ABNLP.

Diploma level is for those starting out on their NLP journey and allows people to dip their toe in the NLP pond!

From there Practitioner is the next step. This is a certified course and forms the basis of all further courses.

Once qualified at Practitioner level the next step with us is a 4 day course that entails three qualifications:

  • NLP Coach
  • Creating your Future
  • Hypnosis Practitioner

Once qualified at this level in these three disciplines Practitioners can move on to Master Practitioner. This is the highest level before moving onto Trainer Status and entails a 13 day intensive residential course covering the previous qualification topics taken to Master Level. Once completed candidates will be certified Master Practitioners of:

  • NLP
  • Hypnosis
  • Time Line Therapy (Creating your Future techniques)
  • NLP Master Coach

Elcas Candidates - Please see our Elcas page for more info about Elcas Applications

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Case Study

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