Who are we?

At i2i we are passionate about helping Organisations, and the people that work in them unlock potential and realise their aspirations. Sure, its important to invest in the best equipment, systems procedures and resource. It is even more important to invest in people for it’s the people that make all of that work! We don’t have all the answers for your business but we know that you do, our job is to help you utilise the knowledge, skill and experience that exists in your Organisations DNA – we are on your team from the start!

Our people - At the heart of our philosophy lies the fundamental belief in the value of the human spirit and the relationships we have with each other. Our relationships with our customers and stakeholders alike mean everything to us so we take great care to provide the support and feedback that is so essential for these relationships to grow.

Our consultants and trainers share our values and beliefs and this is evident in the passion with which they carry out their work. We are experts in helping organisations grow through developing meaningful relationships at all levels of their business.

They all have several things in common; experience, knowledge, passion, creativity and desire to inspire people to realise their potential.

"We are all better than we know - and if only we can be shown this we may never settle for anything less"
Kurt Hahn

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Case Study

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A Large Aviation Engineering Company